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Indian Champissage™

Indian Champissage™ is an invigorating massage that covers the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It helps ease knots and tender points in the muscles and tissues and encourages more efficient working of the body to reduce tension which then creates a profound sense of calm.
It is also a quick and convenient treatment as the client experiences it in a seated position over their clothing.
Who might benefit:
• Sufferers of neck problems, headaches and congested sinuses,
• Individuals under extreme stress,
• Mums carrying babies and small children
• People suffering with severe neck and shoulder tightness
• Anyone wishing to unwind!

R, Legal Executive “I suffer from migraines and was nervous that a head massage might be too overwhelming for me. Quite the opposite, there was a great release of physical tension during the session and I felt rejuvenated afterwards.”

J, Mother “My son had weekly head massages to help ease his anxiety and to cope with the transition to secondary school. It has helped him enormously, I recommend it to all school children.”

S, Police Officer “My scalp can get itchy and sensitive and an Indian Champissage™ treatment with coconut oil really soothed it. I couldn’t believe how relaxing it was too, I found myself drifiting off even though I was sitting up.”

As with reflexology, it’s important to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush out toxins. Tender spots on the back or neck may be noticeable for the following few days but these should ease over time.

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